Pikamoon pre-sale started in March 2023 with the wish of making a unique P2E game with an emphasis on photorealism and a laugh. according to the website, the 3 stages of the token presale are set to stop soon.

Pikamoon takes direct suggestions from the Pokémon game collection to offer a meta-model in which users “seize” Pikamoons and conflict throughout the Pikaverse.

What is Pikamoon?

Pikamoon is a GameFi token that powers the Pikaverse, a meta-model such as 4 lands in which players capture Pikamoons to combat monsters and oppose the dark gods ruling and destroying those lands.

The assignment’s local token – $PIKA – is presently in the present process of its first section of pre-sale and has already raised almost $seven hundred,000 at press time. The tempo of the pre-sale now has a variety of speculation on the feasible Pikamoon fee prediction as soon as the token is listed on the DEX and CEX structures.

Stop of 2023 – Pikamoon designed its presale to prevent token storage. there’s a -month cliff from the Token generation event (TGE) after Presale round 1 and a one-month cliff from TGE after round 2. The authentic website states that it carried out this because Pikamoon is a task designed for long-term sustainability.

Because of this even if the preliminary advertising pumps up the fee of PIKA months after the TGE, there’s often an emptying of the ICO, that may see the value of Pikamoon return to check call for. but, if the venture sticks to its plan, it is also common for brand-spanking new entrants to “buy the dip” and the token will input fee discovery setting new highs.

The P2E gaming space is looking for a recreation in which “amusing and portraits” are the number one awareness – crypto video games have a reputation for being uninteresting video games. So if Pikamoon sticks to its plan and the game goes properly, Pikamoon could pass above its third spherical fee of $zero.0006 and reach $0.0008 by using the quit of 2023.

Overdue 2025

Axie Infinity is one of the “OG” P2E games that still have a participant base. And even though the sport is minimalistic, its robust foundations preserve it afloat in the course of the Eastern Hemisphere. The token now has a market cap of much less than one thousand million due to the undergo season, but its recommendations are what’s possible for a new token like $PIKA.

How the sport does in 2025 will depend upon advertising and gameplay. sturdy competition would probably see Pikamoon retest its segment 1 fee of $zero.0002, however bullish tailwinds from other tokens could push it all of the way to $0.0005 using the quit of 2025. Toppling Axie Infinity may be tough, but Pikamoon may be able to grasp a bit of its market proportion.

The past due 2030s-2030s may want to see extra adoption for the wider crypto-ecosystem. rules are likely to be formulated that flow new property in an innovative direction. GameFi tokens like PIKA would gain from this. every other catalyzing issue will be the demand for more P2E games with accurate gameplay. Pikamoon, at least by what’s written in its whitepaper, is trying to reap this. in that case, it can reach $zero.001 by using the end of 2030.

Pikamoon Rate Prediction 2023

Playing and incomes cryptocurrencies have been hit-and-omit over the last yr. The undergo market of 2022, in addition to other unfavorable elements – which include less attention on gameplay and more significant on incomes mechanics – began to provide P2E games a horrific rap. Pikamoon is one of the few new projects that objectives to solve this hassle with its “photorealistic” tackle meta version. The professional whitepaper makes the deliberate metaverse colorful.

Different blessings of this venture, as mentioned by using Jacob Bury Crypto in the video above, encompass:

  • A strong street map
  • good looking gameplay
  • GameFi and DeFi mechanics are presently growing

Proven and audited mission

These elements must play a good position in the increase of Pikamoon in 2023. another catalyzing component will be the critical periods after the TGE, which would save you, early-degree buyers, from getting your tokens lower back at once after the ICO ends.

However, a retracement may want to nevertheless arise, which may push PIKA down earlier than rebounding to its phase three pre-sale price of $0.0006.

Pikamoon 2025 Fee Prediction

In 2025, Pikamoon actions ahead with its plan. And the closer it receives to knowing its original game, the closer it’s going to competing with the likes of Axie Infinity. however, we accept that going against a nicely-mounted undertaking like Axie Infinity can be difficult for it as it might require a parabolic boom.

And when you consider that Pikamoon doesn’t have the equal meme coin virality because it does now, an extra conservative PIKA rate prediction can be $0.0005 with the aid of the end of 2025.

Pikamoon 2030 Fee Prediction

2030 will carry extra orders to the risky crypto space – hopefully. this will ensure a growth in the number of application-based tokens – inclusive of Pikamoon. any other element which could come into play in using PIKA’s boom might be gameplay. If PIKA becomes more addictive than Axie Infinity, it may have high boom potential.

But, flipping Axie Infinity could be tough as it might require a parabolic one hundred twenty,000% increase from PIKA’s highs in 2025. The price explosion of the AXS token in the final crypto bull run can also have been a one-off for token acquisitions – even though meme coins like Pepe (PEPE ) had similar achievements in 2023.

Elements Affecting Pikamoon Price

Pikamoon continues to be in pre-sale and its charge will be determined by using its performance on the exchanges on the last day. which means that no listing has been announced yet.

Pikamoon may also introduce loose NFTs for token holders. NFTs include four game levels and could best be available to token holders. The performance of those NFTs inside the NFT market can be the second finding out issue for Pikamoon. Different catalyzing factors would encompass the advertising and marketing and general interest that Pikamoon is capable of generating for many of the crypto community.

Is Pikamoon the pleasant pre-sale crypto to buy in 2023?

The 12 months of 2023 have seen the advent of many cryptocurrencies – all claiming to be the next massive aspect inside the crypto space. however, one issue to know approximately those projects is they tend to supply on the promises made within the whitepaper.

With the P2E token, a raise may be viable quickly after the end of the presale if the undertaking has enough advertising hype to guide it. That said, it would be unwise to make such assumptions approximately Pikamoon because the token is still inside the first degree of the pre-sale.

That stated, there are more presales taking place with one-of-a-kind foundations and superb community reaction. AiDoge raised nearly $5 million in only two weeks after the presale.

How to shop for Pikamoon – whole guide

For traders who decide to buy Pikamoon tokens, please observe the steps:

Step 1 – installation of a web three compatible pockets

The first step is to set up pockets well-matched with Web 3. Pikamoon recommends Metamask.

Step 2 – buy ETH

ETH needs to be used to change PIKA tokens. So make certain you’ve got sufficient ETH tokens in your pockets. For folks that do not have Ethereum tokens, “purchase cryptocurrency.

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