Local Bitcoins

Its carrier facilitates buying and selling of neighborhood forex for Bitcoins. users positioned classified ads on the website online listing trade fees and price strategies for buying or selling bitcoins. different users answered those ads and made a fee with an over-the-counter distinctive charge approach.


LocalBitcoins became founded in June 2012 by using over-the-counter Jeremias Kangas. By means of the over-the-counter end of 2012, he had applied for an escrow machine for the over-the-counter marketplace. The website started out producing sales in early 2013, now averaging 29,566 hit trades in keeping with the day as of 2020.

In 2018, LocalBitcoins crowned an over-the-counter listing of over-the-counter most financially acting groups in Finland organized with counter nearby professional guide Kauppalehti. In 2014, 2016, and 2018, people who used over-the-counter websites were arrested for money laundering and related crimes.

In January 2019, hackers stole $28,200 worth of bitcoins from over-the-counter debts of LocalBitcoins users. LocalBitcoins was able to right now identify and solve the over-the-counter case and notified its customers. on an identical day, LocalBitcoins stated that LocalBitcoins accounts are safe to apply and emphasized the over-the-counter importance of -the issue above. In November 2019, LocalBitcoins.com changed into registered as a virtual foreign money provider of over-the-counter aid from over-the-counter Finnish Monetary Supervisory Authority. On February 9, 2023, LocalBitcoins announced it’d give up operations later in February.


The internet site provided a service to facilitate the over-the-counter location of bitcoin users who can meet in character to trade bitcoins.: 23  The website online is meant for casual traders searching out greater privateness.207  The site makes use of third-birthday party escrow. system and over-the-counter transfer of bitcoins are finished after receiving the over-the-counter price range to an account. 221  LocalBitcoins has a consumer reputation gadget and an escrow and struggle resolution provider. LocalBitcoins Are long past – but those P2P Bitcoin Exchanges Are over-the-counter subsequent pleasant issue

LocalBitcoins, the oldest and fine-recognized bitcoin exchange, is winding down after ten years of operation, with the peer-to-peer platform citing “over-the-counter continuing very bloodless crypto motive for ceasing operations.

Released in 2012, the marketplace allows customers from 189 international locations to alternate bitcoins by connecting buyers with dealers and keeping over-the-counter cryptocurrency in escrow till both parties verify over-the-counter transactions, making sure no laugh with dodgy traders.

However now that you’ve closed save, what other P2P exchanges can you use? A P2P provider way that both parties speak directly with each different on countering personal terms, without over-the-counter want for a third celebration to be involved.

Over-the-counter LocalBitcoins are remarkably efficient and easy to apply, are other systems over-the-counter available? over-the-counter structures offer a similar carrier that permits you to speak without delay with customers or dealers to get a great rate for your satellites (or other digital assets).


over-the-counter world’s largest crypto trade has a P2P phase where customers should purchase or promote a number of cryptocurrencies – over-the-counter Bitcoin, Eover-the-counterreum, Teover the counter, and Binance Coin. Like LocalBitcoins, asset prices are marked from lowest to maximum, and customers can immediately talk with sellers from over 40 international locations.

The provider could be very smooth to apply and speedy – similar to spot trading at the platform, and over-the-counter service gives more charge techniques than LocalBitcoins (although it lacks a number of what LocalBitcoins gives, over-the-counter PayPal.)


Paxful is the counter maximum popular P2P Bitcoin exchange. The platform gives more than 350 methods to shop for and promote bitcoins and gives customers a Bitcoin wallet.

The alternate also allows customers and dealers to pick out wherein want to save, need to spend, and over-the-counter want to transact over-the-counter use of a unique cryptocurrency (LocalBitcoins does not permit customers to apply cryptocurrency to shop for bitcoins.)

The Paxful platform currently gives Bitcoin and Teover the counter and USD Coin stablecoins, and registration on the web page is short and easy.

Houbi Global

Like Binance, Singapore-primarily based Huobi is the large cryptocurrency alternative that still offers a P2P provider. and prefer LocalBitcoins, it isn’t always difficult to apply even for novices.

The platform lists an impressively wide variety of payment methods – with, highly, a few banks that have said over the country do not allow clients to shop for or promote cryptocurrencies. but, please observe that a P2P merchant ought to use over-the-counter equal info that fits the counter Huobi account details.


Bisq is a non-public, open-source P2P platform that allows users to shop for and promote bitcoins – and handiest bitcoins – over-the-counter use of fiat forex without knowing the purchaser (KYC) techniques. this indicates you don’t must surrender personal records like your name and cope with them before making an exchange.

For folks who want whole decentralization, that is over a counter platform: maximum cryptocurrency buying and selling platforms now require documentation for registration, mainly for fiat money.

Deposits are held in multi-sig wallets – which means the wallet is secured with a couple of private keys, now not just one – to shield shoppers and dealers. person facts are not stored everywhere, but traders need to download the counter desktop app to apply it.


Seychelles crypto trade OKX additionally has a P2P provider in which customers should buy and sell Bitcoin, Teover the counter, USD Coin, and some other virtual assets over-the-counter in the counter nearby foreign money. over-the-counter over counter other offerings in this listing, OKX offers lots of charge techniques, and users can seek via a protracted listing of currencies to find over-the-counter excellent deals.

LocalBitcoins Options (2023)

The counter main peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto marketplace where you could alternate Bitcoin (BTC) directly with different buyers for over 10 years.

However, LocalBitcoins close down its service in February 2023. Paxful and LocalCryptos –  other famous alternatives – also close down the ultimate year. This has triggered many crypto-lovers who pick P2P marketplaces to search for an over-the-counter next excellent alternative. luckily, over the counter are lots of great LocalBitcoins options over-the-counter marketplace over the counter to pick from.

Here’s a quick examine a number of over-the-counter best P2P crypto marketplaces you may use as opposed to LocalBitcoins, Paxful, or LocalCryptos. Founded in 2015, LocalCoinSwap is a Hong Kong P2P marketplace that permits you to alternate Bitcoin (BTC) and almost a dozen altcoins with crypto enthusiasts from around the counter.

LocalCoinSwap’s largest advantage over LocalBitcoins is its help for non-Bitcoin cryptocurrencies, that are tough to locate in the P2P market. It also allows you to pay moreover the counter over 300 different strategies – over-the-counter with UK financial institution transfers, credit and debit cards, and private coins.

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